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The Metamorphosis, by Franz Kafka (A Review)


Note: This old review of Kafka is my most liked review on Goodreads.

I suspect interpreting Kafka says more about the reader than the author so here’s some insight into my psyche:

Gregor’s family are losers. Gregor takes over the “bread winner” position after his father’s business fails and provides enough money for the family to live as well as help to pay down the large debt his father’s business incurred. The rest of them are fine to let him and sit on their asses. Gregor’s father is perfectly healthy, but is happy to mooch too. Then, we find out that his father has been squirreling away Gregor’s money on the side to boot.

Gregor works for five years in this manner, never missing a day of work, and the first day he is ill they are jerks. Yet, when the vermin dies and they are employed, they all sit down quick to write letters of excuse for themselves. When the vermin’s alive it’s an excuse to not leave the house; when he dies they can’t work.

They deplore the fact that the vermin cannot understand them despite evidence to the contrary when he hears them talk and follows their instructions (eg. to get back in the room, etc.). Furthermore, they make no effort to communicate with him. I’d like to think if a loved one turned into an insect and I decided to keep them alive in a bedroom of my house, I would get around to trying the blatantly obvious “Hiss one for yes, two for no” routine.

In short, f—— you Gregor’s family. You suck.