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Fajron Sentas Mi Interne, by Ulrich Matthias (A Review)


This short novel is a coming of age story about an abused, alienated young man who attempts to find human connection through learning Esperanto and joining the Esperanto cultural movement. It was well-written, but alas, I am really too old these days to identify with the protagonist.

One aspect I appreciated: Manfred, starved of quality relationships, joins the Esperanto community because of its avowed emphasis on fostering intercommunication. He reasonably expects that here he will finally find people who will accept him and see him as worthy of intimacy. However, despite a few fleeting cases, by the end of the book he remains dejected and alone. The ideology on which he’d pinned his hopes had failed him. It’s a bummer ending for sure, but surprising given the movement’s propaganda.

The book has heavy confessional biography vibes so, lest you worry about Mr. Matthias’ mental health, know that he is apparently happily married to another Esperantist as of 2000 and is still prominent in the movement.