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A Call for Football Advice


A personal goal of mine is to cultivate a knowledge and appreciation of sport. I think my general disinterest in sport stems from not really giving it a fair shake. It is unfair to criticize people for not sharing my interests while I do not share theirs. To that end, at the start of each season I tell myself I will follow a team through the entire season and I never do. Often, I watch a few games, get bored and quit. Partly, this is due to laziness and annoying blackout restrictions, etc. which seem primarily designed to inconvenience me. However, it is also due to my indifference about which team to support. This is where you guys come in.

First, I like to watch/listen on my schedule, not live. Hence, I need recorded games access, preferably online (ipad support is a plus). Anyone use NFL Game Rewind? Got better suggestions?

Second. Unless I want to spend extra money, it seems I must pick a team to follow. The system is not conducive to neutral viewers. As my sports-loving friends, I am seeking your advice about which team to support. As a nerd, what will keep me interested is statistics and solid strategy/coaching. I could give a rat’s ass about star appeal. In fact, that’d probably be a negative (though watching a crap team lose every week isn’t fun either). I have several obvious possible candidates:

  • Bills. Reason: Lived in Upstate NY. Also, my current boss’s team…

  • Giants/Jets. Reason: proximity.

  • Patriots. Reason: proximity. (Still, Brady is super-annoying; 2nd only to Tim Tebow.)

  • Steelers. Reason: Since my Dad’s in PA, he follows them.

  • Dolphins. Reason: I liked Dan Marino as a kid.

(Basically, AFC East Division, plus a few.)

All of the above have pros (share interests with friends & family) & cons (not least of which is the obvious bandwagon consideration).

What are your thoughts? Is this a good way to go about it?

Note: This kicked off a lively discussion on Facebook.